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Market Potentials

Our analysis enables us to conclude that there is a big market to acquire in the Sleeping Industry with the incoming increase in revenue previewed. By linking our solution to one of the most promising Blockchain Ecosystems, we leverage on two complementary and high potential industries. The sheer size of opportunities that our project is unlocking is huge. The Metaverse market is worth over $100 billion at present and is projected to rise to 1 to 3 trillion dollars in a couple years, according to some of the world’s most recognized institutions. The crypto market has $2 trillion in market capitalization and the DeFi market is worth over $150 billion dollars as of Quarter 1 2022. The projections for growth in the Metaverse market is shown by Bloomberg as follows:
A good reference point for $SLEEPZ is Axle Infinity, which is an NFT gaming platform and boasts of 106,000 active daily users and a weekly count of 302,000 based on DappRadar reports for December 2021. In terms of operating figures, Axle Infinity raked in over $190 million in revenue from the operating records in November 2021. As of Q1 2022, the market cap was over $2.8 billion. With our innovative approach and complete solution, we strongly believe that SLEEPZ could take a significant market share on these industries. Indeed, by being the first ones to innovate in that path, our Ecosystem has been designed to be sustainable and grow over time. The experience and expertise of our core team undeniably positions SLEEPZ as a prospective top performer in the blockchain space. Seeing a market cap that would rank us amongst the top cryptocurrencies at the end of Phase 2 (See Roadmap) is a very realistic goal. While we can not predict what can happen in the space, the knowledge accumulated by our team will be there to support and sustain our growth.