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What is SLEEPZ? The SLEEPZ has been designed as the first solution providing a reward system to cater for the insomnia market. The SLEEPZ, among its other unique functionalities, introduces a financial incentive that wholly accommodates an essential component of human physical and mental well-being. Our project will offer a wide range of services, which will be powered by the SLEEPZ's native token - $SLEEPZ.
Each of us is busy during the day with his routine, after which the quality of rest is supposed to be at night. Sleep is very important for the quality of life, physical and mental state, but unfortunately many of us neglect it. Our mission is to make night rest not only a pleasant and healthy habit, but also profitable, which people would treat with more care and involvement, as it will be possible to earn money not only during the day, but also at night during quality sleep.
What blockchain is SLEEPZ based on? Our ecosystem will be launched on the BNB Chain, before expanding to Ethereum, Avalanche and Fantom. We will still be looking for promising networks to expand our protocol and reach more users.
How does the Sleep-to-Earn mechanism work?|
A major feature of our app that sets to revolutionize the industry, when we talk about passive income and dividends, is the Sleep-to-Earn protocol. The Sleep- to-Earn utility has been designed as a feature that enables $SLEEP stackers to convert hours slept as tracked by our integrated sleep tracker into rewards in $BNB and $SLEEPZ.
The project collects a Tax from each Buy and Sale (more details in our Whitepaper) and sends it to a separate wallet, from which rewards in $BNB will be paid after the launch of the app. In addition, we will also encourage quality sleep with our $SLEEPZ token, which will be unlocked gradually after the launch of the project.
When will the App be officially released? We are already actively developing the app. In the first month after the launch, a test version of the app will be available to participants in our NFT sale. After that, we will collect all the information, errors, feedback, finalize the app and announce the official release with the exact date.
What will be available in the App besides Sleep-to-Earn?
SLEEPZ is conceived as a global project, inspiring to introduce a healthy habit of healthy sleep into real life. It will also help a huge number of new users to get acquainted with the world of cryptocurrencies.
In addition to the main Sleep-to-Earn function, our App will have various other tools for greater user involvement, such as: a lot of multipliers to increase earnings, a Sleep Quality parameter that will also increase your earnings, NFTs and NFT Marketplace, a Game Mode with execution various tasks and missions, competition with other players and profile improvement! Also in the future we plan to add a meditation section with various audio stories and sounds that will help you fall asleep better and for listening to which you will receive additional rewards!
Where can I buy $SLEEPZ? At the moment, you can take part in our pre-sale at this link
When will Marketplace be available?
The launch of the Marketplace is scheduled for October 2022. Subscribe to our social networks and stay tuned for announcements so you don't miss anything.
When does SleepPillow NFT sale start?