SLEEPZ Whitepaper
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The estimated annual cost of insufficient sleep in terms of Gross Domestic Product - GDP - was valued at hundreds of billions of dollars in 2016 - as those figures were projected to increase exponentially, each year. Productivity and well-being are strongly correlated with sleep, justifying the need for enhanced periods of rest while most of us prioritize other activities related to work or hobbies.
The SLEEPZ has been designed as the first solution providing a reward system to cater for the insomnia market. The SLEEPZ, among its other unique functionalities, introduces a financial incentive that wholly accommodates an essential component of human physical and mental well-being. Our project will offer a wide range of services, which will be powered by the SLEEPZ's native token - $SLEEPZ. Cryptocurrency does not need to be confusing. Hence, it became a priority for the team to design a solution that would not only make crypto easier to use, but more accessible, and more attractive to the mainstream, as the industry approaches the brink of mass adoption. The team’s experience in crypto marketing and community growth has pushed us to differentiate ourselves from others by providing a scientific way of planning our campaigns with a deep dive into data analysis, as this whitepaper will explain.
Our ecosystem will be built around a Web3 platform as well as an App that will be available on both the Apple and Android App stores.
SLEEPZ will be powered by $SLEEPZ, which will present incentives for holders in every aspect of the platform’s ecosystem. The $SLEEPZ token has been designed with several mechanisms to offer an attractive and sustainable solution for the holders. It will the only currency in use on our platform and will also provide rewards and incentives in $BNB to the community in the meantime.